How Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make Money Without the Royal Family | WSJ

From deals with Netflix and Spotify to book advances and startup roles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had to diversify their income streams since leaving the U.K. royal family in 2020.

WSJ looks at how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make their money and what some of it is being spent on.

Photo: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

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  1. These two make money OFF the Royal Family and their ill-gotten Royal Titles. They were going to live a 'private & normal' life. They signed on with Netflix & Spotify to "provide content that uplifts others and unifies communities". Watching an ungrateful, entitled, unemployed, spoiled ROTTEN middle-aged couple, publicly Trashing, Slandering & Lying about their family, to be very 'Uplifting or Unifying'. Maybe it's just me. But it doesn't seem so.

  2. America in 1776 got rid of the notion that a single family whose head was the head of a state church. If that sounds simplistic then well life is that simple. The people of the United Kingdom have to decide if a monarchy is relevant in modern society or not. The issues of: Meghan, Press coverage, King Charles III, etc. are a distraction.

  3. Harry states his family plays dirty games by leaking stories to the press in order to tarnish his reputation. I suspect if leaking to the press were as lucrative as the Netflix series and book then Harry would be leaking like a sieve. Harry tried to negotiate a deal with his family that would allow him and Meghan to live in Canada and only perform royal duties part-time. His family was not willing or able to meet his financial requirements so he has devised an alternative way to profit off his royal status.

  4. A universal book of knowledge and awareness of mankind. It's worth buying … yes, it's really worth buying. It is a revolutionary book that will mark a new era.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. It's weird Harry is saying different things to the British Press (Tom Bradby interview) versus the American interviews. He is emphasizing that he and Meghan never said or implied the RF were racists, and it was the media that said it- in the British press. But kind of letting the slander stay in place in for the U.S. audience. Is he trying to read the room, or what?

  6. What country do the Harry & Megan critics live in? America has a democracy unless the republican coup is in the congress shadows now. You can write about YOUR LIFE whether royal or pheasant. Colonial days are over the Brits lost in America. Buying the book to support tyranny at its worst.

  7. Uh huh his book is full of other RF …..he did tell his story but he did also tell their personal stories.

  8. So genuine and want so much privacy that you write up all the secrets in a book and put your life on Netflix.

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